展示のお礼と製作過程での裏話:Behind-the-scenes story of making illustration

The exhibition was extended until this week, and now it is over.

I would like to express my gratitude for BD Fugue Cafe , Gérard Moreau, and friends who visited the exhibition!

Especially, Sandra, who helped installing the works and even sold them for me…!

Thank you very much!!!

Even though I displayed only 5 illustrations, many friends took time to visit the exhibition.

I also thank to someone who bought my works during the exhibition.


BD Fugue Cafeさん、 Gérard Moreauさん、そして忙しい時間の中見に来てくださった友人の皆さん、








Since the exhibition is over, I would like to share with you the illustrations that I displayed.

You may feel some are strange and little bit scary.

I prepared illustrations in fantasy for adult.

I also tried to express the atmosphere of my country , Japan.

I hope you can enjoy the fantastic atmosphere with these works!





「ささやき: Whispering Voice」

黒インク、ガラス絵の具、黒ペン: Indian Black Ink, Glass Painting, Black pen

製作過程での裏話:Behind-the-scenes story

I wanted to try and started testing an Indian black ink on a paper, and ended up as one illustration.  In this image, I used an image of my dream that I had when I was about 8 years old. The dream had a very sad story, and I don’t know why I had such a wired dream at that time.

Here is a brief story of the dream:

There were 3 children. One was a girl who wore a bright red Japanese traditional clothes, and two others were boys. Except the bright colored Japanese clothes on the girl, everything was black and white. They always talked and played together. The two boys loved the girl, and the girl loved one of the boys. The girl and one of the boys told their love each others and decided to tell the other boy about their relationship. One day, the two boys were talking at the top of the small hill near a big pond. One of the boys confessed his love for the girl and their relationship, and the other boys got confused and angry inside of him. Suddenly, the boy who just found out the realty,  got very upset and pushed his friend strongly to the pond… The one who confessed was  drowned in the pond… The boy who killed his friend ran to the girl’s house. He did not have any regret or bad feeling about what he had done until he saw a very very strange thing at the girl’s house. At the girls house, there were all family and the relatives of the girl sat down crying around the open hearth. The boy slowly entered the house, and looked at the hearth where people were crying at. He could not believe what he saw. There was a big pan on the fire place, and inside of the big pan, a doll wearing the bright red Japanese clothes was bending its body with its blue color face. The doll was the girl who he loved. No one knew how she died. The boy started feeling a great regret for what he had done.

I clearly remember the image of the dream. I’m wondering if the dryad in this illustration is trying to tell the girl about the sad future or inviting her to their world…? I tried to express the mysterious atmosphere in this illustration.



「藤:Japanese Wisteria」

黒インク、水彩、ガラス絵の具、黒ペン: Black Indian Ink, Glass Painting, Water Color painting, Black Pen

製作過程での裏話:Behind-the-scenes story

I love Japanese Wisteria. To me, this flower has not only such a stunning perfection of beauty, but also a presence of mystery. The shape of the trunk and the branches make  me feel that way. When I realized, I started drawing a dryad on a paper without any hesitation.


「こいのぼり:Koi-nobori ( Carp Streamer)」

黒インク、水彩、ガラス絵の具、黒ペン: Black Indian Ink, Glass Painting, Water Color painting, Black Pen

製作過程での裏話:Behind-the-scenes story

In this painting, there are several reasons. The first reason is simple, a desire to express Japanese atmosphere. These Carp Streamer shaped like fishes  represent the strength to achieve goals because these fishes can swim against the river stream. a symbol for Boy’s day( May 5th) in Japan.  According to Japanese American National Museum, the carp was chosen as a symbol for Boys’ Day because “the Japanese consider it the most spirited fish — so full of energy and power that it can fight its way up swift-running streams and cascades. Because of its strength and determination to overcome all obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals. Since these are traits desired in boys, families traditionally flew Koinobori from their homes to honor their sons.” (Japanese American National Museum, 2006). But, here, I drew a young woman because I wanted to express the strength of whole people in this planet who have the ability to adjust to the environment and fight against the hardships. I thought that I can draw a woman since they can give a birth and raise children. I tried to express “the ability to adjust to the environment” by drawing the women’s hair merging to the view, also, I just love the style of merging hair to the nature.


「独創性: Unique Expression」

黒インク、水彩、ガラス絵の具、黒ペン: Black Indian Ink, Glass Painting, Water Color painting, Black Pen

製作過程での裏話:Behind-the-scenes story

In this illustration, I had an image from the beginning. I tried to express the beauty of a person’s heart as flowers. I think these flowers of heart can appear in action and behavior naturally to adorn oneself. Actually, I was preparing another illustration for the exhibition, but in the last minute, I changed my mind, and started working on this illustration. I finished this the day before the installation day. There are many other illustrations I did not display at the exhibition.


「母なる海:Mother of the Sea」

黒インク、ガラス絵の具、黒ペン: Black Indian Ink, Glass Painting, Black Pen

製作過程での裏話:Behind-the-scenes story

I did not plan the final image for this illustration. I dropped little bit of glass painting medium on a paper, and these spots looked like a golden fishes for me. That is the beginning for this illustration. After having the idea of the golden fishes, I started following the shape and making outlines with a black pen. Then, I continued adding tiny lines with the black pen, and I started having a final image of this illustration. The lines with the fishes remind me the flow of water of the sea. Since the sea is called ” Mother nature”, I drew a face of a woman on the left on top. Then, here it is, one illustration was born.