Early professional painting experience3 :絵画とお仕事初期体験3

The time in Andrea’s atelier feels like a lifetime ago. Just like any apprenticeship, there was time for lessons from the Maestro and time for learning from my many mistakes, bound to happen when working on many pieces of varying sizes. After I became comfortable with the basic layout of the reproductions, I was allowed to further contribute to each piece, which required me to practice the subtle textures of sand, water and lavender fields. Here are a few of the paintings I was lucky enough to work on.

アンドレアさんのアトリエで実際にお手伝いをしながら学んでいた頃がとても懐かしいです。 今日もその頃の作品の写真をいくつかアップしたいと思います。アトリエに通っていた2年ほどの間で何枚仕上げたか覚えていませんが、違うサイズの絵をとにかくたくさん。このお仕事の期間の後半には、主に海の水面や砂浜、ラベンダー畑の質感を出す練習になるような絵を描きました。

The first is the painting of a white sand beach: a magical place where the land meets the water! This is how I learned to use brush strokes to give my canvas the texture of a sandy surface. The shadow of the palm tree, while adding a nice touch to the overall composition, was a real challenge.

このビーチの作品を描くことは、砂や海の水面の質感を出す練習になりました。 椰子の木の影を砂の上に描き込むのが挑戦になりました。アンドレアさんが、じっくりと教えてくれたことを覚えています。

How do you make things even trickier: paint a beach when it is only lit by moonlight! I had previously practiced painting hundreds of irises only this time, their delicate colors had to blend into the overall hue provided by the gentle moonlight.


This next painting is a very different one, prominently featuring man made buildings. It is the reflection by the chaotic surface of the water that gives this piece real life. This was a true challenge and it took great patience from me and from the Maestro always there to help, to reach this point where the reflection looks both alive and realistic.



And finally, there was lavender: how do you use a restricted palette of colors, to create the illusion of volume? With a lot of patience and a lot of work! A painting like this one is the artistic equivalent of a marathon: it requires layers and layers of touches to bring the flat surface of the canvas up and make it feel alive with depth! This other piece, used gradation of whites which gives it an otherworldly look.

これはラベンダー畑の作品の一部です。 この作品では、トュ➖ブ状のラベンダー畑のボリューム感を出す練習になりました。時間はとてつもなくかかりました。 濃い色の層に、何層も何層も重ねて、3D効果が出せるまで色の層を重ねていきました。これと同じ方法で、全て白のラベンダー畑も描きました。白一色でのグラデーションはとても難しかったです。 この作業をする中で、パレット上で同じ色を作り出す練習ができたと思います。

This more or less concludes what I can say about the work I did for Andrea and the things I learned from him at the time. To grow as an artist, one must confront the unknown and find a way to express what lies inside of ourself. It is sometimes something you have to do yourself. However when I really need help, I can always go back to Andrea for his opinion and advice. The time I could spend with him and the people around me in Hawaii is one of my great treasures.

このアンドレアさんとの時間が、私が絵画に触れた最初の体験です。 この後、私は自分の絵を描き始める必要があり、自分のスタイルを探す旅が始まりました。 今でも迷った時にはアンドレアさんにアドバイスや意見を求めます。アンドレアさんやその頃一緒に過ごしたたくさんの方々とのハワイでの時間は私にとって宝物の一つです。