Acrylic Painting: Mauna Loa 絵画:マウナロア山


This is a very special painting of Mauna Loa, one of the two major mountains (and an active volcano!) of the Big island of Hawaii. The original painting was an acrylic piece, painted on an 18 x 24 inch canvas.


This piece came out of an order from somebody who had lived on the Big Island, and had a special relation to the “Long Mountain” (the English translation of the original Hawaiian name). For this one, I tried something new: it required to go out every morning at sunrise over the course of a week in order to spot the top of the mountain from a public park on the bayfront of Hilo, a major town of on the East (windward) side of the Big Island, that used to be my home. Those of you who’ve been to Hilo, know that although it is a very rainy place, you can often see the sky clear if you wake up early enough to catch the sunrise.


This is the moment when this mountain seems to shine in orange and red hues: I wanted to be able to capture that on canvas. My client, now living on another island still had strong feelings for the place, and so do I. This common trait was what drove me to try and express my love for the Big Island. It is a place filled with Aloha, the spirit of truely caring for others.


“No rain, no rainbow.” is a sentence I’ve heard many times while leaving in Hilo, often in the mouth of my Hula teacher, Kumu Kimo Awaii.

「雨が降らなければ虹も出ない」。ヒロでフラダンスを教えてくれていた キモ アワイさんがよく言っていた言葉です。

This snippet of island philosophy still resonates within me. The life on the Big Island strengthened my faith, and the spirit of never giving when the time is hard. When it is hard, it is like a rainy moment, but without the rain, there can be no magical moment like when a rainbow appears in the sky.

Through this painting, I hope that my client can remember her special time on the Big Island.